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In our Western societies, man has tended to normalize the urban and peri-urban environment, and more broadly his territory, to the point of losing his link with nature and the universe, which form a "whole" (Universum). Are we experiencing a different apprehension of the world - both physical and psychological? An inversion of values?

In this context, David Munoz's project questions our position in relation to nature, landscape and the universe.

With this in mind, he proposes to establish a dialogue, nourished by contrasts and connivances, between these various elements, through a series of diptychs playing on effects of scale: majestic, imposing landscapes juxtaposed with images, in smaller format, of deep skies, the Milky Way, star clusters, nebulae or galaxies. A reminder of the human scale, the table, handcrafted from natural materials, symbolizes conviviality and human relationships.


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