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"68.392552, 15.082690"

The "68.392552, 15.082690" project invites the spectator to navigate the boundary between physical worlds captured by the camera and virtual worlds fabricated by computers using fractal theory. Built on a model of the physical world, the fractal replicates patterns from the biological environment.

Since the end of the Second World War, northern Norway has been the scene of a muted, silent and invisible war between two world superpowers.

It is a zone of confrontation between what was until recently known as the Western bloc, the United States and its allies through an organization known as NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), and the Eastern bloc, i.e. the former USSR, now Russia once again.

Since then, this landscape has borne witness to this history, invisible and inaccessible to the viewer. Nature has masked these military zones, cleansed human catastrophes and buried historical tragedies, making the unmentionable a secret.

The area around this coordinate has been the scene of numerous political and military tensions and incidents, pitting military forces against each other with their disproportionate military arsenals, including nuclear weapons and bases, which today are abandoned on the spot and left to the ravages of time, heralding a future major ecological catastrophe.


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