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Nature of landscapes

This film was made by David Munoz in 2022 as part of his solo exhibition at the Photo Days festival at the Saint-Ouen science and arts center.

In contrast to the long Romantic tradition of landscape art, as exemplified by the artist Caspar David Friedrich, David Munoz wishes to present the viewer with a different image of the sublime through the mountain landscape.

As a new approach to contemporary aesthetics, the sublime was originally defined as a feeling of pleasure mixed with dread, reflecting the sense of danger we feel today in the face of climate change and our loss of control.

The sublime is an aesthetic object beyond measure. It is a form that destabilizes us and disrupts our perceptive faculties. It describes a situation in which human beings are immersed in a threatening environment. Through this film, the artist aims to convey the balance between the mind and this reality.


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